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I'll get right to the point. If you train at this gym you will get stronger. Guaranteed. This gym has only been open for a few of years now, but the results absolutely speak from themselves. The amount of strength gained by the individuals in this gym is significant. There really is nothing else in this area that even comes close to what can and is achieved at the Sweatylift Gym. There's a lot of bullsh*t out there, and our aim is too cut right through it.

We are nestled in the mountains of North Vancouver, and here universal laws are followed and exploited to their full effects. If you are willing to put in the work, adaptations will follow and the results will be undeniable.


Deon Smith is first and foremost a father to a gaggle of kids and a husband to a beautiful and super smart wife. With two stepchildren, an adopted son, a three year old, a brand new puppy in the house, it's safe to say that he has his hands well and truly full. 


When Deon isn't obeying wifely commands or biking in the woods with the kids, he is a Strength & Conditioning coach and owner of the Sweatylift Gym and company. He has worked for well over a decade as a strength & conditioning coach, and has had the pleasure of training a full spectrum of different clients and sports teams/athletes. Paying his dues on the platform, Deon comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience which is complimented with a ‘white belt’ mindset – always looking to learn, grow and improve.


The discipline and science of improving human performance from all walks of life, and needy kids/pets, are what gets Deon up most mornings. From people just getting started to the very elite, from old to young, male or female (or whatever floats your boat), there is always a way to get better and this is the addiction. A relentless never-ending pursuit. 


Deon has worked with professional and amateur athletes across the globe. With a resume that includes International success with  U20 South African teams at multiple Junior Rugby World Cups, working with national level water polo players and being the head strength & conditioning coach of the West Vancouver Warriors hockey academy.




Honors in BSc. Sport Science at Stellenbosch University South Africa




  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA)

  • World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Level  1

  • Exos The 0.1 Second  Difference (Speed Training Course)

“I could have all the degrees and certificates in the world, but they all mean nothing compared to the hours I have spent actively in the gym in the pursuit of strength for myself and others. Over many years, I have gone through trials and errors, and have put in the hard yards of discovery. Through the processes of analysis, learning from the best, research, listening, discussions and most importantly, experience, I started finally doing it right. With the pillars of physics, biomechanics and physiology, I followed this up with thousands of repetitions. Now, I possess the confidence to be able to help anyone willing to develop real, life changing strength. I have made myself and too many others strong to not consider this an absolute fact."

– Deon Smith

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