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Born out of necessity and demand, the Sweatylift Gym is where the very best of coaching and equipment combine to create, by far, the premier strength and conditioning experience on the North Shore, if not the universe. Where results matter and the process to get there is perfected. Clients are often surprised at what their bodies can do. In the wise words of a current client “This $h*t works!” 

This is a brand new gym that was built in 2021 from the foundation up. Built on privately owned property with a design that breathes and opens up to the great outdoors, it creates a seamless conduit to the beautiful forests of Blueridge in North Vancouver. 

This gym and its services are for EVERYBODY. People from all walks of life can and do train at the Sweatylift Gym. Strength training discriminates against no one who is prepared to show up and go through the process. Advanced or burgeoning athletes who are willing to do what it takes to maximize their potential and to put themselves ahead of the competition, you are welcome. Individuals who have never touched a weight in their lives, who may not be feeling comfortable in their bodies, who want to feel stronger, healthier, build muscle, lose or gain weight and/or feel more confident, you are welcome. Bad back? Nagging Injuries? You are welcome. Moms, Dads, children, grand-parents and everyone in between of all abilities, you are welcome. Strength is strength, and no matter what size, shape or state that you are in or ambition that you have, the barbell is your friend. 


Individual or small group personal training

Whether you want to go solo, invite a friend or make it a party with a group, the Sweatylift gym can be your private strength get away. This is no commercial gym, when you book in, you get the gym all to yourself.

Boxing & Muay Thai/Kick Boxing


At the Sweatylift gym, we also offer private and small group boxing and kickboxing/muay thai training. Deon brings a lot of energy and passion to these sessions. Combine this with top of the line equipment, the gym and outdoor training area and we have the ideal environment for you to learn how to strike, defend yourself, and get violently fit at the same time. What should be noted is that this training is appropriate for beginners and those looking for conditioning elements. Advanced and competitive trainees should opt for other gyms dedicated to these disciplines.


Athletes/Sports Teams


This is the ideal gym for individual athletes and teams to strength train and prepare for their sport. Number one, the experience and expertise in high performance training provided by Deon Smith is second to none. Number two, both the gym and massive turfed outdoor area provide both the necessary quality and quantity of space needed for athletes of any level.


Strength Athletes


We have it all. Whether you are a power lifter, weight lifter or strongman, we have the gear you need. From calibrated, competition standard bars and plates, to sleds and atlas stones, we got you covered.

Facilities & Equipment (All Brand New 2021)

  • Private, Premium, Air-Conditioned, Gym

  • Private Bathroom, Shower, Changeroom

  • Huge Outdoor Artificial Turf Space

  • All equipment is the best of the best. It is almost all Rogue equipment and includes calibrated competition standard bars and plates.

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